Thursday, November 29, 2018

How Waiting til You're "PERFECT" is Procrastination

We've all done it....

We've all second-guessed, doubted, re-started, questioned, and put off things we think we want to do because we're INTERNALLY JUDGING our work before we've even begun.

BUT... if we never get down and dirty with our work, we've never really started.

Whether it's losing weight, getting a new job, asking that cute neighbor out for a date, or finally balancing our bank accounts, the REAL WORK only begins after the heart palpitations and sweat turns into the gritty push forward.

You have to move INTO the pain and fear in order to get to the place where you are actually moving forward and using every bit of that adrenaline and kinetic energy to propel you.

While some people might appear to do EVERYTHING RIGHT the first time, the truth is that you didn't see them experience the same fearful wide eyed and stomach churning nervous reaction that you are feeling. All you saw was their propulsion forward, in that moment.

It's also possible you didn't see them FAIL because you were so awed by their explosive forward momentum - but, rest assured, they likely saw more failure in what they did because it always looks worse from the inside, out.

We also all know, you can't get GOOD at something without practice; and you can't practice if you never start!

So, GET OUT THERE and just. push. through.

Even if you have NO IDEA what you are doing, but you have a goal in mind, just plant your feet in that direction, take a deep breath, and start running!

<3 ~Jonni Khat